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 We LOVE our sisters

Black Ring Mafia TM (BRM) is a lifestyle brand based on the ASC experience. BRM mission is to create fashionable apparel, sleepwear and other specialty items for our fellow Scottie Dolls TM. We aim to provide unique products that reflect and share the traditions, culture and Scottie way of life.


Currently we have two lines, Black Ring Mafia and Scottie Dolls.

Black Ring Mafia is more classic and traditional looks while Scottie Dolls is more feminine and fitting cuts.


At BRM we subscribe to our beloved alma mater’s mission to to think deeply, live honorably and engage the intellectual and social challenges of their times. Social responsibility is an integral part of our company. Each year BRM will have two initiatives to support the current students of ASC through internships and a Gift Fund.


Internship | BRM will select two interns a year that will  provide firsthand experience in business management, economics, marketing/public relations, design, e-commerce, web analytics and entrepreneurship.


Gift Fund | BRM will select  recipient(s) of the annual gift fund by requesting current students to submit designs and phrases for an Annual “Life at Agnes” Limited Edition Collection Tee. Student and Alum will vote and choose winning design/phrase. The winning submittal will receive the proceeds from the Collection Tee to alleviate the cost of Books and School Fees.

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